10 – Loving God with Head and Heart (with Robin Barfield)

Today’s guest is Robin Barfield, an Associate Minister for children and families in Christ Church Wharton and the Chair of NWYouth Works for the North West Partnership (www.northwestpartnership.com). Robin is also the co-author of Sunday DIY (10ofThose, 2013) and is currently pursuing a PhD exploring approaches to children’s spirituality. In our conversation today, we talk about different models of children’s spiritual formation, the importance of the ‘heart’ as well as the ‘head’, and the need to encourage children’s imagination.

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It's really great to read this research from @barnagroup on spiritually vibrant households - which engage in spiritual practices, spiritual conversations and hospitality; barna.com/research/spiri…


Some good insight here in helping parents challenge a 'kingdom of you' approach to raising kids; ow.ly/sDlR30nZxfS


For those who enjoy a more detailed read, this article on Philip Rieff's analysis of culture is helpful in thinking about the challenges of passing on faith today; thepublicdiscourse.com/2019/02/49239/
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