25 – Singleness, Family and the Church (with Kate Wharton)

Kate Wharton is a Church of England Vicar and the author of Single Minded: Being single, whole and living life to the full (Monarch 2013). In today’s podcast, we explore with Kate the challenges for single people of living in a marriage obsessed-church and a sex-obsessed society, and how the church – and families within it – can be a better home to the single as well as to the married. We also talk about the importance of modelling the single life to young people and the privilege of being a God-parent. For Kate’s blog, visit http://katewharton.blogspot.com/.

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It's really great to read this research from @barnagroup on spiritually vibrant households - which engage in spiritual practices, spiritual conversations and hospitality; barna.com/research/spiri…


Some good insight here in helping parents challenge a 'kingdom of you' approach to raising kids; ow.ly/sDlR30nZxfS


For those who enjoy a more detailed read, this article on Philip Rieff's analysis of culture is helpful in thinking about the challenges of passing on faith today; thepublicdiscourse.com/2019/02/49239/
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