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32 – Creating Rhythms of Faith at Home (with Victoria Beech)

In this month’s interview, we chat with Victoria Beech from GodVenture. We explore rituals and rhythms within the home as well as the role of creativity and the importance of adapting to different seasons of a family’s life. We also explore the practice of Christian Shabbat and its impact on Victoria’s family and faith. For more about Victoria and GodVenture, visit

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31 – Faith and Families through the Pandemic (with Sarah Holmes)

Sarah Holmes lectures in Early Childhood Studies at Liverpool Hope University and runs the website In today’s podcast, we talk with Sarah about her recent research report on the changing nature of children and family ministry. Exploring the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, we discuss issues of intergenerational church, connecting with families, and how churches can best empower parents in helping their children grow in faith.

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26 – Embracing Older People in Families and the Church (with Tina English)

In today’s episode, we interview Tina English, Director of Embracing Age, a faith-inspired charity dedicated to improving the lives of older people. We explore with Tina the importance of valuing older people within the church and society, helping different generations relate to one another, and how Christian families and churches can better support older people. For Embracing Age, visit For Care Home Friends, visit

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25 – Singleness, Family and the Church (with Kate Wharton)

Kate Wharton is a Church of England Vicar and the author of Single Minded: Being single, whole and living life to the full (Monarch 2013). In today’s podcast, we explore with Kate the challenges for single people of living in a marriage obsessed-church and a sex-obsessed society, and how the church – and families within it – can be a better home to the single as well as to the married. We also talk about the importance of modelling the single life to young people and the privilege of being a God-parent. For Kate’s blog, visit

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24 – Family Discipleship as Children age (with Graham Stanton)

In today’s podcast, we talk with Graham Stanton, Lecturer in Practical Theology at Ridley College in Australia ( We chat with Graham about how faith in the home changes as kids grow older, re-meeting your kids as they age, the importance of mentors, and the relationship between the church and the home in forming faith. For more about Graham, visit For Graham’s book Families: A Forgotten Factor?, visit

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23 – Fathers, Children and God (with Nathan Blackaby)

Nathan Blackaby is the CEO of Christian Vision for Men ( and the author of a number of books, including Founding Fathers (2015) and Iron Men (2016). In today’s interview Nathan shares something of his own story, and we talk about partnership in marriage, modelling faith to our children, and staying close to God. We also discuss the importance of friends and mentors, and creating a boy-friendly church. For Nathan’s books and other CVM resources, visit

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